ENOAP History

The Wine Producers’ Association of the Peloponnese Vineyard (ENOAP) was founded on June 1, 1998 at Tripoli. ENOAP is the largest Wine Producers’ Association in Greece that currently counts 60 members and demonstrates a tendency towards expansion and and dynamic presence in the market.

ENOAP’s founding statute has been signed by 19 wine producers:

  1. Epaminondas Spyropoulos
  2. Oinoforos, Aggelos Rouvalis
  3. Vassilis Kanellakopoulos - Mercouri Estate
  4. Ioannis Kotrotsos Winery
  5. Konstantinos Tsolis
  6. Kalliopi Papantoni Winery
  7. Giorgos Skouras
  8. A & G Papaioannou G.P.
  9. Antonopoulos Vineyards S.A.
  10. Amalia Tselepou Vineyards G.P.
  11. CAVINO S.A.
  12. Lafkiotis Winery S.A.
  13. Konstantinos Apostolopoulos
  14. Giannis Flerianos
  15. Giannis Vatistas
  16. Athanasios Parparousis & CO G.P.
  17. “Nestor” Messinia Winemaking Cooperative
  18. Gaia Wines
  19. Dereskos Estate

The Association’s first (temporary) Administrative Board comprises of:

  • Epameinondas Spyropoulos, President
  • Theodoros Anastasiou, Vice-President
  • Vassilis Kanellakopoulos, Secretary
  • Antonis Papantonis, Treasurer
  • Aggelos Rouvalis, Member

ENOAP’s objectives, as described in the founding statute are as follows:

  1. Promotion and image enhancement of Peloponnese wines.
  2. The development and utilisation of the Peloponnese vineyard in tourism.
  3. Promotion of wine as part of Greek cultural heritage.
  4. Cooperation with the State, relevant state organizations and public administration bodies (EOT, TIF, OTA etc.) aiming to acquire state funds for the promotion of the company's objectives, the improvement of the legislation on wines, better staffing of wine-related state agencies and institutional coverage of the company's activities.
  5. Participation in the procedures for establishing general rules governing the relations between winegrowers, winemakers and wine merchants, with a view to their optimum cooperation.
  6. Promotion of Peloponnese vineyard wines in Greece and abroad.
  7. ENOAP’s participation in international organizations and associations with similar or same purposes and relevant objectives.

ENOAP supports the development of wine tourism in Peloponnese, participates in the elaboration of the National strategic plan for the development of Greek wine, organizes yearly exhibitions in Greece and abroad. With the support of European programs, ENOAP also organizes presentations, master classes for the promotion of wines in Canada and the USA, hosts and guides all international wine producers, journalists, sommelliers, masters of wine, catering professionals, importers and wine merchants.

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