Peloponnese Wine Festival Limassol

8 Απριλίου 2022, Ceronia Hall of Carob Mill Restaurants

We are very happy to announce that a large group of Peloponnese’s leading wineries are back in Cyprus at the 8th of April. These guys will score some of their most celebrated, beautifully crafted wines and latest vintages to all Cypriot professionals and passionate oenophiles. The 4th Peloponnese Wine Festival will take place at the Ceronia Hall of Carob Mill Restaurants in Limassol.

What to expect: Famed terroirs from the Peloponnesian vineyard such as Nemea, Mantinia or Aigialia, as well as up and coming regions and grape varieties from all corners of Peloponnese, will perform their best in the Union’s established annual visit to the island.

At least 25 wineries, will mark the return of Wines of Peloponnese to Cyprus giving to all participants the opportunity to taste more than 200 different wines and meet the people behind the wines at the event. Winemakers that champion their terroirs, grape varieties and the diversity of wine styles that Peloponnese vineyard abundantly offers.

Visitors at Peloponnese Wine Festival in Limassol will be able to keep tasting notes online through platform. All the participating wineries and the wines of the tasting will be available online. Professionals and oenophiles will be able keep their own personal notes, track their favorite wines and create their personal wine list with all the wines that they will taste and score throughout the event. This is an innovating project and a very useful tool for all that the organizing team of PWF has developed and they will share it with you for the second time through the Peloponnese Wine Festival.

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